Emily Jenks, Founder/Ballet Mistress

“I believe that we can be free of the self destructive powers of our society; by loving each and every child, helping them stand up straight and accept their innate beauty, live well, and respect themselves and their world, and dance into a life of deep health. And I teach ballet.”


Ms. Emily Jenks is the founder, owner, and director of Rockland School of Ballet and has taught ballet, tap, jazz, modern, contemporary and improvisational dance to all ages in the mid-coast area for over 32 years. Miss Emily, as she is known far and wide, is known for her unique ability to bring the joy, as well as grace, poise, and discipline of the beautiful art of dance to anyone interested, regardless of age, ability, or aspiration.

Through Rockland School of Ballet, Emily’s aim is to bring dance, poise, accomplishment, and a sense of comfort in one's body to the world, while providing her students relational, artistic, and technical instruction in classical and contemporary ballet, creative movement, improvisation, and jazz dance.

Miss Emily lives in Thomaston with her husband and has five adult children and several grandchildren.


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