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  RocklandSchool of Ballet 

Youth Program Classes

The Youth Ballet is Rockland School of Ballet's program for dedicated and

committed dancers ages thirteen and up. Students meet for ballet class multiple times

each week, which allows them to excel in their formal ballet training. As students progress,

more frequent trainings and more time commitments are required. The Youth Ballet Program

becomes increasingly more focused for students who are serious dancers and have the

time to dedicate to their training. Regular attendance is mandatory to remain in the program

and to assure safe development and healthy progress. 

The core of Youth Ballet Program is devoted to classical ballet with pre-pointe and pointe training deemed as appropriate. Conditioning is included in each level to prepare for more advanced work.

​​Youth Ballet (Ages 13 and up):
This class is designed for the more advanced and serious student with previous years of ballet training, although currently, beginner students will be admitted to this class as necessary. In this class we will focus on technique, physical strength, flexibility, and alignment. Additionally, an emphasis is put on artistry, musicality and personal growth. At this level the class includes conditioning exercises for flexibility and strength, a complete barre warm up, center adagio, petit allegro, grand allegro, across the floor combinations and jumping combinations.

Pointe Technique:
This class is designed for the serious dancer and the ready dancer must be invited by Miss Emily to add this class to their studies. It should be understood that pointe is not the study of a new technique. Dancing on the toes is a serious undertaking, and many important factors must be taken into consideration before a student is ready to take pointe class. At Rockland School of Ballet students must be at least 12 years of age before being considered to begin pointe work. The director will evaluate length and intensity of study, age and bone development, strength, anatomy of the foot and ankle, correct placement/body alignment and posture, body weight and growth spurts, as well as the dancer's attitude in class before inviting qualified students to join pointe class. Pointe shoes should only be purchased after a discussion between Miss Emily and the student's parents.  

Age 13+, attend at least one class per week, two or more is recommended and three classes per week is required to train for pointe shoes and for pointe class; follow specific dress code

Attire for girls is the class assigned leotard in BLACK, HUNTER GREEN, and NAVY BLUE, and Buttercup with ballet pink convertible ballet tights, and pink leather ballet slippers. Attire for boys is black tights, studio t-shirt and black ballet slippers. 

All attire is obtained through Rockland School of Ballet to ensure correct uniform.


Ballet: 75-90 minutes 
Pointe: 15-30 minutes

​Monday Tap 4:30-5:00
Monday Ballet 5:00-7:00

Monday Pointe/Pre-pointe 7:00-7:30

Wednesday Ballet 6:30 - 7:45

Thursday Ballet 5:10 - 7:30

Thursday Choreography 5:10 - 7:30

Friday Ballet 5:45 - 7:45
Friday Pointe/Pre-pointe 7:45-8:00/:15
Friday Choreography 8:00/:15 - 9:00

​These classes may include Tap Dance technique as well as jazz, contemporary, modern,and lyrical dance studies.