Junior and Youth Program

1 class/week $600.00/year ($60.00/month)
2 classes/week $1080/year ($108/month)
includes 10% multiple class discount =  -$120.00

3 classes/week $1530/year ($153/month) includes 15% multiple class discount =  -$270.00

4 classes/week $1920/year ($192/month) includes 20% multiple class discount =  -$480.00

5 classes/week $2250/year ($225/month) includes 25% multiple class discount =  -$750.00

6 classes/week $2520/year ($252/month) includes 30% multiple class discount = -$1080.00

7 classes/week $2730/year ($273/month) includes 35% multiple class discount = -$1470.00

8 classes/week $2880/year ($288/month) includes 40% multiple class discount = -$1920.00



Adult Ballet Classes
Drop in rate is $15 per class 
Purchase a 'Dance Punchcard' for $144.00 and receive
12 classes

      for $12.00 per class - a $36.00 savings!  
Senior (over 60) Discount - $12.00 per class.

For storm cancellation information please check our Facebook page, check your email, text or call

Miss Emily at 207-542-3556

Students are responsible for purchasing the appropriate class uniform and costumes required for the spring recital through Rockland school Ballet. Please refer to the programs page to learn about what clothing your child will need for his or her class. 

A registration form is required for every student at the start of each year.

While Rockland School of Ballet aims to offer small class sizes so that students receive individual attention, we reserve the right to cancel any class that does not have 4 registered students. In the event of this happening, registered students in will be placed into another class.​

Recital Fees

All Students Annual Enrollment Fee (non-refundable):

Returning Students...........................$25.00

New Students.................................$30.00

Additional Family Members................$ 5.00 each

​Family Discount..................................20%

Trial Class Fee...............................$15.00

Private Lessons..............................$40.00/hour

Off-Site Functions................$100.00/hour/teacher​​


Rockland School of Ballet will be producing 2 recitals in each academic year; The Snow Queen in December or January and a spring performance in May or June.

Costumes for The Snow Queen will be loaned to the student for a rental fee of $20.00 each.

The rental fee is a non-refundable cost for wear & tear.

This rental fee will include recital tights which performers will keep.

There will be a recital fee of $45.00 per family due with the costume rental fee no later than November 29, 2018.

There is a ticket price for the show, and each family will receive 2 free recital tickets.


Costumes for the Spring Performance will be ordered in November and costume deposits will be due no later than December 15.

All students are responsible for costume charges unless they choose to withdraw from the school mid-year.

Rockland School of Ballet must be notified before January 20 if students are withdrawing in order to receive a refund.

Costume fees for Spring 2019 recital are to be determined plus tax and will include 1 pair of recital tights.

Costume fees are PER COSTUME.

A recital fee of $45.00 per family is due by March 1 and the family will receive 2 recital tickets.

                                        Tuition Policy

Tuition is an annual fee, based on a full school year, which will consist of 30-34 classes held from September through June. Tuition, based on the total number of classes from September to June, is due in full at the start of the year,and can be paid in installments. Some months (especially those with school vacations) may only have two or three classes, while others may have five, and most will have four.  The no-interest installment amount remains the same. For students entering after September, the tuition rate is the same, based on the number of months left. If paying in monthly installments, the tuition payment is due at the end of the preceding month. All students will have class tuition agreements done by signed contract. A new contract will be necessary if classes are added or subtracted from a students' schedule.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash or Check. Student accounts must be paid in full in order to register for new sessions (including new school years, and all summer workshops).
Discounts are given for additional classes and/or additional family members. As the number of classes per week increases, the overall hourly rate decreases. 

There is a non-refunable annual enrollment fee of $25.00 for returning students and $30.00 for new students. Additional students within a family are $5.00.

There are no refunds for missed classes, and students with an outstanding balance will not be admitted to class.

A twenty dollar ($20.00) charge will be added to any returned check, and all accounts 30 days past due will be assessed a ten dollar ($10.00) late fee every 30 days until paid in full.​

Policies, Tuition & Fees

2018-2019: Rockland School of Ballet runs on a 28 - 34 week school year, allowing for vacations and 4 snow days or other cancellations, and commits itself in advance for facilities and services which are essential to its operation. Classes are on-going and progressive from September through June, and students will perform in the winter and spring for family, friends and community.

143 Maverick Street, Rockland, Maine 04841   207-542-3556


Leap 'N Learn Early Childhood Program

Baby Ballerinas (Mommy & Me) $400.00/year ($45.00/Month) (Discounts will be applied if more than one child enrolled)
1 class/week $600.00/year ($60.00/month)
2 classes/week $1080/year ($108/month)
includes 10% multiple class discount = -$120
Family Discount (2 students,1 class each) $960.00/year ($96.00/month)
includes 20% multiple student discount = -$240)

2018-19: Our tuition has had a slight increase, the first increase in many years.

Tuition is the cost of the class for the duration, September-June, payable in 10 monthly payments.

Please see tuition rates, below. Monthly costs are in parenthesis. ​​

Consistent attendance is important to ensure the success of the student's dance education and his/her performance on stage.
Absence from class is not refundable and should be made up in a lower level class. In the event of an absence a courtesy phone call or text or email is appreciated. Classes canceled by instructors due to inclement weather or illness will be made up in rehearsal time.

Licensed Studio

  RocklandSchool of Ballet