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Your little star has big dreams... 

you can make them come true with an official Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party!

Your Angelina Ballerina Birthday Party will include:

*Official Angelina Ballerina party invitations provided by Rockland School of Ballet for you to send to up to 15 party invitees.

*An official Angelina Ballerina dance class complete with an Angelina Ballerina story, Angelina Ballerina dance skirt and Angelina Ballerina mouseling ears.

*Party space decorated with official Angelina Ballerina pink balloons that will be given to each guest to take home as a party favor.

*Each party guest will receive official Angelina Ballerina stickers and an official Angelina Ballerina coloring book.

*Party activities that include an official Angelina Ballerina cake provided by Rockland School of Ballet, and presents provided by the guests. Parents provide any additional food they wish to serve such as ice cream or cupcakes.

*All paper goods such as tablecloths, plates, cups, forks, and napkins.

*Birthday honoree will take home one set of official Angelina Ballerina ears as a gift from Rockland School of Ballet.

*Party guests may purchase official Angelina Ballerina ears and skirts if desired.

*Set up and clean up provided by Rockland School of Ballet.

Angelina Ballerina Birthday Parties

A well-presented, hassle free birthday party can provide a magical experience for a young child, their parents, and their guests.

This positive, creative, and educational experience will be enjoyable for every child in attendance as well as their parents. The unique design of the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy birthday party provides a perfect solution to the question so many parents ask themselves each year, "What can I do to make my child's birthday party magical this year?" Having an Angelina Ballerina party at an Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy partner studio, the only venue able to offer this wonderful and special event, will ensure a hassle free and entertaining party for your little dancer. The official Angelina Ballerina party activities have been designed in such a way that all children of family and friends will enjoy this unique and entertaining party.