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143 Maverick Street, Rockland, Maine 04841   207-542-3556

  RocklandSchool of Ballet 

We Grow Children ~ We Grow Dancers

Rockland School of Ballet was founded in 1997 to promote safe, artistic, creative and healthy activity for the body, mind and spirit while providing an educational, fun-filled dance experience in a positive and nurturing environment. Our genuine love of what we do that encourages the growth of creativity and builds self esteem on an individual basis. All children and people experience success at times; all experience struggles at times. Dance is a great opportunity to work out these experiences. Our programs teach about life - and our students will learn dance in the process. We have dance classes during the academic year for children and adults, as well as summer Ballet Camp programs for children that promote artistic, creative and healthy activity for the body and mind. We welcome all students, from the recreational to the serious performer.

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The Sleeping Beauty 6-1-19 Strom Auditorium  Photos by Jacob Gerritsen

Photos on this website by Jacob Gerritsen, Ken Waltz, Steve White, Emily Jenks, Peter Jenks, Jessica McMahon